Forklift battery manufacturers describe the use of electric forklift battery precautions.

2021-05-29 15:16


1, keep the battery surface clean, with a cloth of water to the battery outside scrubbing once, the panel, column head (i.e. positive   negative two poles) dust, oil, white powder   other dirt easy to cause leakage clean. In the cleaning process, it is strictly forbidden to enter the battery, so as   to leak electricity   increase self-discharge, resulting in the failure of vehicle operation;

2, daily driving should often check the battery cover of the small hole is open. If the battery cover hole is blocked, the hydrogen   oxygen produced can   be out, electrolyte expansion, will be the battery shell broken, the internal pressure is too high, will also break the battery shell, affecting the battery life.

3, regular lying the battery cable connection problems, to see if the cable is loose, cable terminal connections should be tight   reliable. Avoid false connections that create sparks   damage the pole (do   turn on   disconnect the battery when the power lock is on).

4, check the height of the internal electrolyte of the battery, the liquid surface of the electrolyte should be higher than the pole plate 10 to 15 mm. If the electrolyte is found to be too low, distilled water   special lead-acid battery rehydration should be added. Be careful to drink pure water instead. During the use of the sightseeing car battery, due to the electrolyte   evaporation of water in the electrolyte will cause increased density   drop of liquid surface (especially in summer), so should be checked frequently, filled with electrolyte   distilled water. During the end of charging, the electrolyte density of 1.280 to 0.005 (25 degrees C) should be adjusted with distilled water   a lead-acid battery with a density of 1.400,   the liquid surface should be equal to the liquid surface line. Continue charging for 0.5-1 hours after adjustment to keep the interior even.

5, when adding fluid, do   let other impurities fall into the battery, if there are impurities fall in, do   use metal material to fish, the application of dry wood sticks to clamp out impurities, such as wire   copper wire hook, metal molecules will be in the sulfuric acid corrosion into the battery caused by self-discharge, damage to the battery.

6, the battery is   used for a long time, will slowly self-discharge, until scrapping. Therefore, the battery is recharged   maintained every other month when the sightseeing car is   in use for a long time. After the battery is discharged (regardless of vehicle travel time   mileage), it must be charged on the same day,   allowed to charge the next day   more than 24 hours, otherwise battery life will be affected.

7, when charging the battery, to put the sightseeing car in a better ventilation position, open the battery cover, so that the resulting gas   the battery end cover overflow, to avoid internal gas aggregation, sound explosion phenomenon (must turn off the sightseeing car power when charging).

8, if the vehicle is   used for a long time, should be fully charged after storage,   every half month to charge once, charging time of about 8 hours.

9, the battery life is generally one to one   a half years, when the battery capacity will drop sharply, at this time must replace the new battery, as far as possible with the same brand, the same capacity, voltage the same.