Forklift battery manufacturers describe the forklift battery daily inspection maintenance program.

2021-05-29 15:18


First, the ship start-up battery.

1, marine battery weekly inspection: surface, connector, voltage, current, insulation, temperature surface cleaning connector no loose, non-corrosive, exposed part coated with Vaseline faux charge charging voltage: 12V for 13.4V, 24V for 26.8V floating charge current: a single battery capacity of 1% charging screen insulation table indicators 3.

2, for non-maintenance-free ship battery, weekly check battery voltage   electrolyte specific gravity meet the requirements (reference to hydrometer). Pay attention to check the height of the electrolyte   the presence of sediment, timely replenishment of distilled water ( free to add dilute sulfuric acid). When applying for the battery, try to apply for maintenance-free type, maintenance-free do   need to check electrolyte, but other maintenance is still needed.

3, the battery should avoid long-term undercharging   over-discharge, etc. , to prevent plate vulcanization (i.e. aging) leading to battery damage   performance degradation (refers to the voltage is soon sufficient, disconnect editing   then quickly drop).

4, often without a load of the battery, should be charged once a month, discharge (generally only 50% of the capacity   immediate charging), can be disconnected after the load discharge,   directly connected to the lamp discharge.

5, do   mix old   new batteries, parallel battery replacement must be replaced at the same time, the use of the same specifications of the battery.

6, good   bad judgment: 24V series of two battery voltage should be the same, the difference of more than 0.5V, indicating that one of the problems; If the voltage difference between the battery end voltage   the starting motor end is more than 1 to 2v, the line connection is   in good contact,   the switch is   good.