What should we pay attention to when we customize aGV batteries?

2021-07-15 08:45

src=http___www.agvline.com_file_upload_201907_08_134629361.jpg&refer=http___www.agvline.jpgWhat should we pay attention to when we customize aGV batteries? For agv manufacturers, here we can start with the following:

     The core directly determines the quality of our AGV batteries, so we need to be careful when choosing the core.

1, safety: If the capacity of the battery pack is greater than 2400Wh,   a safety point of view, it is recommended to use lithium iron phosphate battery. A small battery can consider a triple lithium battery because the same capacity of a triple lithium battery is lighter in weight. Of course, the small capacity can also choose lithium iron batteries.

2, cost:   the cost point of view, three-way lithium battery advantage is a little greater.

3, working environment temperature: lithium iron phosphate low-temperature charge, discharge, compared to the three-yuan lithium battery is poor. So that's what we need to consider because. However, lithium iron batteries can be added to the pre-position system, so there is no low temperature difference performance, that is, the cost of a lot.

4, weight: low to heavy order: lead-acid batteries, triple lithium batteries, soft-packed iron phosphate lithium battery, aluminum shell iron phosphate lithium battery.

5, charging current size: the time requirements are higher to choose the fast charging pool.

Second, BMS management system.

If there is no communication protocol requirements, you can choose the hardware lithium battery protection board. If there is rs485, 232, CAN   other communication protocols, need to choose a stable   mature BMS management system, otherwise the failure will continue.

Third, assembly process.

Agv battery manufacturers have relevant mature assembly experience   supporting production equipment.