Lithium battery knowledge

Forklift battery manufacturers describe the use of electric forklift battery precautions.

1, keep the battery surface clean, with a cloth of water to the battery outside scrubbing once, the panel, column head (i.e. positive negative two poles) dust, oil, white powder other dirt easy...

3 Point help you decide which one is your best Lithium battery pack supplier

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What are the AGV car batteries?

AGV car battery determines the agv car power overall performance, that AGV car battery what? Here is a description of the current AGV transport trolley spent agv batteries: nickel cadmium batteri...

What elements are agv lithium batteries chosen ?

AGV car enterprises in the purchase of its power energy lithium battery, in addition to the need to take into account the price quality of lithium batteries, but also need to combine the AGV car'...

How much do I know about AGV battery maintenance?

During the outbreak AGV parking time is too long, lithium battery lead-acid battery pack maintenance maintenance, there are the following tips.1, because of the holiday placement time is long, ...

Forklift battery manufacturers talk about the impact of batteries on life.

In our daily life, the battery has become an integral part, electric vehicles, ships, automobiles, forklifts, generators, aviation need to use lead-acid batteries, how to avoid the pollution of the...

Forklift battery manufacturers describe the forklift battery daily inspection maintenance program.

First, the ship start-up battery.1, marine battery weekly inspection: surface, connector, voltage, current, insulation, temperature surface cleaning connector no loose, non-corrosive, exposed part ...

Forklift battery manufacturers about all kinds of imported forklift battery maintenance maintenance

Electric forklifts are electric forklifts, most of which work for batteries. The battery is one of the batteries, its function is to store limited electrical energy, in the right place. It works by...