What are the AGV car batteries?

2021-07-14 08:14

src=http___www.hitrobot.com.cn_upload_2017-7_2017070342613492.jpg&refer=http___www.hitrobot.com.jpgAGV car battery determines the agv car power   overall performance, that AGV car battery what? Here is a description of the current AGV transport trolley spent agv batteries: nickel cadmium batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel hydride batteries   lithium batteries, etc. , the following describes their characteristics.

1, nickel cadmium battery.

Positive active substances are mainly made of nickel,   negative active substances are mainly made of cadmium, an alkaline battery.

The nickel-cadmium battery used in the AGV trolley has a large internal resistance, which can be used for high current discharge   has a small voltage change when discharged. Compared with other types of batteries, nickel cadmium batteries can withstand charging   flashlighting, easy to operate. The discharge voltage is different according to its discharge current, basically 1.2V   so nickel cadmium battery discharge termination voltage is 1.0V/CELL, the actual use of temperature range in -20 degrees-60 degrees, in this range to discharge, can repeat more than 500 times charge discharge.

2, nickel hydride battery.

Positive active substances are mainly made of nickel,   negative active substances are mainly made of an alkaline battery made of hydrogen storage alloy.

Nickel hydride batteries are modified by nickel-cadmium batteries, which provide higher electrical capacity, less obvious memory effects,   relatively low environmental pollution at the same price. It can be charged with a special charger for one hour, the self-discharge characteristics are better than the nickel cadmium battery, after charging can be retained for a longer period of time, can be repeated more than 500 times.

3, lead-acid battery.

The electrode is mainly made of lead   its oxides,   the electrolyte is a battery of sulphuric acid solution.

The AGV lead-acid battery is one of the most widely used batteries. Lead-acid batteries have good reversibility, smooth voltage characteristics, long service life, wide range of applications, rich in raw materials,   renewable use   low cost.