Experts teach you how to handle motorhome battery power problems.

2021-07-16 13:55

src=http___b-ssl.duitang.com_uploads_item_201511_28_20151128091436_hdfZN.jpeg&refer=http___b-ssl.duitang.jpgThe growing prevalence of motorhomes, so that more RV enthusiasts to join the ranks of RV users, but the attendant general problem salso makes many RV users feel a headache, but also want to join the ranks of RV users friends are slow to step into this step, this common problem is the rv battery electricity problem. Of course, this is also the spinach uncle's most concerned about the problem, but it does   matter, spinach uncle can do their homework, today, spinach uncle will take you to solve this problem!

First of all, we need to know those commonly used in the rv power, a day down about how much power to consume the rv battery.

1, 21 inch TV, power of about 50 watts, is expected to use 10 hours a day, the cumulative power consumption in 500 watts, about 0.5 degrees of electricity!

2, 90 liters of refrigerator, all day, the cumulative power consumption will   exceed 0.5 degrees. (It is generally recommended to use an inter-stopr so that the start-up time of the refrigerator can be controlled   will   exceed 0.2 degrees in a day)

3, 100 watts of notebook (generally in 60 watts), is expected to use 5 hours a day, the cumulative power consumption of 500 watts, about 0.5 degrees of electricity.

4, 800 watts   so rice cooker, volume 4L, is expected to use 2 times a day a total of half an hour, the cumulative power consumption of 400 watts, about 0.4 degrees of electricity.

5, 900 watts of electric pressure cooker, is expected to use 2 times a day a total of half an hour, the cumulative power consumption of 450 watts, about 0.45 degrees of electricity.

6, 800 watts of electric hot water bottle, volume of 4 liters, is expected to use 3 times a day, each time 5 minutes, the cumulative power consumption of 200 watts, about 0.2 degrees of electricity.

7, 10 watts of LED lights, according to the amount of 3, 5 hours a day. The cumulative power consumption is 150 watts, about 0.15 degrees.

8, 500 watts of wire-blocking electric furnace ( recommended with induction furnace, power, high power consumption), is expected to use 2 times a day, each 20 minutes, the cumulative power consumption of 350 watts, about 0.35 degrees.

9, according to a horse of air conditioning to calculate, about 1000 watts an hour, then if you open 5 hours, need to consume 5 degrees of electricity.

Of course, these are only part of the RV electrical appliances, RV needs to use electricity there are many places, so a good solution to the rv electricity is very important!

As we all know, self-propelled motorhomes in the electricity is based on their own generators to generate electricity, but the problem is that the car after the stop generator will stop working,   tow the rv when there is no generator, so the rv electricity is very important, so the rv electricity what several ways?

1, add a large-capacity motorhome battery.

Add large-capacity lithium battery, this is also a way, can be purchased at the time of the manufacturer   their own under the bed   storage room, so that we can ensure our normal electricity, but this method is still the cure, add a large battery, electricity will always run out, you still need to find a place to charge, in the field is still a problem! It's still a good way to make a short trip nearby.

2, install a small silent gasoline generator.

The method of installing a silent generator is really good, a small silent generator can meet all the facilities in the rv for four to five hours of electricity, but you need to pay 4 liters of gasoline to help the generator generate electricity,   this method is   very environmentally friendly.

3, the top of the RV installed solar panels.

Worried about the battery is   electric, the generator oil is   environmentally friendly, then install solar panels. Pre-install editing solar panels on the roof, as long as there is the sun, ready to charge your battery, all the electrical facilities in your car can be powered at any time,   solar energy only needs the sun as energy, do   need gasoline   environmental protection! Of course, the above two methods can also be used as an alternative, without the sun can come in handy.